Johnny Gioeli— lead vocals, guitars
Joey Gioeli guitars
Christopher Paul — guitars
Jay Scott King — bass
Darek Thomas Cava— drums

In the band's brief timeline Brunette managed an impressive career. The band broke Van Halen and The Doors single-weekend attendence records at Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California. Raising global awareness with their touring and 'over the top' marketing the band built a loyal fan base stretching over the US, UK, South America and Asia. The band were courted by top record executives for months. Playing sold-out shows and industry showcases. Indifferences took shape within the band before a recording deal could be negociated. They called it quits in late 1991. Within the bands tenure a full length album was never officially released. All that exist are lo-fidelity self-produced demos and, an EP for the motion picture "Smash Crash and Burn" which garnered major radio airplay.

Soon after the split members Johnny and Joey went on to form HARDLINE with JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon and release the highly recommended "Double Eclipse" CD. Jay would join Canadian act BIG HOUSE. Darek would provide drum tracks for BANGALORE CHOIR 's "On Target" and audition for CINDERELLA. Latter day Guitarist Dave Marshall would join MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL on Neil's debut solo CD "Exposed".

Below is a brief biography written by: Debra Rosner, the bands co-manager and publicist for AUCOIN ENTERTAINMENT and NEW IMAGE Public Relations on September 19, 1989 *With edits.

In the summer of 1988, Brunette came up with a brilliant promotional idea. They hired an airplane to display their name in lights reading "Brunette Rocks" and "Brunette attacks in August" during Van Halen's set at The Monsters of Rock concert in the L.A. Coliseum exposing Brunette to over 90,000 metal fans. This stunt brought Brunette to the attention of Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola and President of Commercial Pictures. He Chose Brunette to star in his film "Smash Crash and Burn" portraying the fictitious band "Royal Smash" . A heavy metal "Hard Days Night", which chronicles their way to the top after moving to Los Angeles. -The movie was set for release in the summer of 1989. *Note, Due to discrepancies the movie was completed but never released.

In 1983, a band called "Killerhit" was formed in Lancaster, PA by lead singer/drummer Johnny Gioeli and his brother Joey Gioeli. Killerhit was formed on the basis of the "ultimate band". Johnny and Joey proceeded to hand-pick members from the Pennsylvania area's most talented acts, Stealing lead quitar wiz Christopher Paul from York PA's "Cry Tough" and taking "wildman on bass" Jay Scott King from Hanover PA's "Backstreet Kids". Killerhit was immediately referred to as an "all-star band" and quickly saw local success. Though their spectacular arena-style stage show and widespread musical appeal, they solidified their reputation and became one of the biggest bands in the Mid-Atlantic area.

In the Spring of 1987, Killerhit was ready to go for it all. Following their friend Bret Michaels lead, They packed up their 40 foot touring coach and moved to Los Angeles. Realizing that in their collective 12 1/2 feet of hair, their wasn't a single blonde among them, they changed their name to "Brunette." The bands biggest challenge was soon to come. Although Johnny was an extremely talented drummer, his first love was singing, so he gave up the drums and took his rightful place as frontman. Brunette now had the task of finding a new drummer to fit the mold.

After months of searching nationwide, Brunette couldn't find the drummer they were looking for. Suddenly, an impressive package came via mail from Las Vegas drummer Darek Thomas Cava that caught attention. Brunette were friends with Las Vegas native Mark Slaughter (formerly of The Vinnie Vincent Invasion) and asked Mark what he knew about Darek. Mark's recommendation was of high caliber. Johnny and Joey were on a plane. Darek auditioned and got the gig. It was that simple! With the addition of Darek Thomas Cava, Brunette then possesed the right line up moving forward.

Right away, Brunette refused to participate in the usual L.A. band routine (ie: hanging around Hollywood, getting a "normal" job, sponging off girlfriends and fans, ect.) while awaiting fame and fortune. Instead, they immediatley began touing the United States, returning for their L.A shows every other month. In doing so, Brunette have laid a widespread fan base and are determined to continue this constant roadwork, as they feel it's the surest way to actively gain notoriety. Joey explains, "If we have to get jobs, we'd rather go out and make money at doing what we do best.

Brunette live is an experience of unparalleled energy on any stage. Chris explains, "We always try to portray a 'concert within a club' atmoshpere because we came up in the smaller venues." It's easy to see how much they care about their live show. Jay elaborates, "When we hit the stage, our main goal is to keep the audiences' attention on us. if anybody is out their thinking about what they had for lunch, then we're not doing our job."

additional players: Dave Marshall/guitar • Doug Aldrich/guitar • Bobby Rock/drums